Welcome to bzike! (formerly byke.mobi)

Bzike is a mobile-capable site that enables 'peer to peer' bicycle renting around the world. That is, individuals renting out their bikes to other individuals for a small fee. Warning: this site is in Beta and many of the bikes are no longer active. Use this site at your own risk.

Our History

Bzike was the world's first P2P bike sharing website, under the name 'Byke.mobi'.

Byke Press Releases

21.07.10 Bike Sharing Rival Out To Beat Boris

Byke In the News

Byke.Mobi: Sistema particular de aluguel de bikes ganha força em diversos países (Portuguese)
Byke.Mobi: A system of private rent bikes gaining momentum in several countries (English Translation)

Alternative Bike Hire Scheme Launched in London

Discovery Channel (Treehugger):
Can Peer2Peer Rental Challenge London's New Bike Share Scheme?

Byke for Android Brings P2P Bike Sharing to Londoners

Menos um Carro (Minus a Car):
Byke.Mobi: ganhe dinheiro com a sua bicicleta (Portuguese)
Byke.Mobi: earn money with your bike (English Translation)

Setting up a bike sharing scheme

Consider the advantages of peer to peer bike rental before taking another step. Zero infrastructure cost. We offer an end to end branded revenue-share solution for cities, campuses, organisations or businesses that either compliments a bike sharing scheme or stands alone. More..

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Bzike is a brand of AtomJump Ltd. registered in New Zealand